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Parapente Hybride Zunzun

Zunzun,name given in Cuba to the fast flying hummingbird, is a wing whose conception derives from the mini wing.· It does not aim to beat glide ratio records but rather·will allow crossover fans who buy this wing to spend endless hours in the air. Aimed to be rapid in all kinds of wind, easy to manoeuver in ascent, it has a variable glide angle. It is responsive to given aerological information and offers great stability in pitching. Easy to handle, sturdy for travellers and simply very pleasant to fly in calm conditions. Choice of material and care in fabrication make ZUNZUN a loyal friend for long hours in flight. It is suited for different types of pilots: fresh from school or highly qualified. Available in 3 sizes: 19m², 21m² and 23m². Choose your size according to your experience and the sensations you are looking for in flight.

Tech specs :


      Size: 19,5m2
Size: 21m2 Size: 23m2

Flat span : 9,8m Flat span : 10,2m
Flat span : 10,5m
  Flat aspect ratio: 5 Flat aspect ratio : 5
Flat aspect ratio : 4,85
NB of cells : 40 NB of cells: 40 NB of cells: 40
Glider weight : 4,6kg Glider weight :4,8kg Glider weight :5,1kg
All-up weight: 90Kg All-up weight:120kg All-up weight:140kg
Glide ratio : 8,5

Glide ratio: 8,5

Glide ratio: 8,5

        Retail price : 2450€   Retail price : 2450€
Retail price : 2450€        

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ZUNZUN 23 Procédure EN 926-2 PTV 80 kg : B
ZUNZUN 23 Procédure mini voile PTV 120 kg
ZUNZUN 23 test en charge 8G EN 926-1 153kg
ZUNZUN 21 Procédure mini voile PTV 110 kg
ZUNZUN 21 test en charge 8G EN 926-1 120kg
ZUNZUN 19 Procédure mini voile PTV 90 kg
ZUNZUN 19 test en charge 8G EN 926-1 120kg

Procédure d'homologation EN 926-1 et EN 926-2 par laboratoire de test AIR TURQUOISE - Villeneuve - SUISSE

Dominicotex cloth:

- Top surface: grey, soft finish 41 g DOKDO 30D
- Bottom surface: white, soft finish 41 g DOKDO 30D
- Rib cloth white, hard finish 41 g DOKDO 30D

Lower-  : Edelrid 6843-kevlar, sheathed, 2,2mm, 240Kg
- Mid : Cousin 989-dynema, sheathed, 1,5mm, 120Kg
- Upper : Cousin 989-dynema, sheathed, 1,1mm, 70Kg
- Maillons Rapides, stainless steel triangles, 200Kg, PEGUET.
- 20mm webbing

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